Malbek: Contract Management, Simplified!!!

Hemanth Puttaswamy, CEO and Co-Founder
“You deserve a contract management solution as simple and powerful as a Google or Apple application.” This bold statement comes from Hemanth Puttaswamy, CEO and co-founder of Malbek, a company redefining the contract management paradigm. Hemanth realized the need to reinvent contract management, having worked in the industry for more than a decade. His firsthand experience gave him profound insights into contract management processes and the adverse consequences of outdated ways of handling them. He understood that most organizations lack a user-friendly and cost-effective solution. Malbek is a place with a unique work culture, as well a strong understanding of the interdependence amongst its team members. Marketing depends on engineering, sales on marketing, and engineering on executive vision. When he and his co-founders, fellow industry veterans with decades of technology experience in a variety of industries— Matt Patel, COO; Madhu Poolu, CTO; and Brian Madocks, Chairman of the Board—realized that they shared the same vision for starting such an organization that would disrupt the Quote-to-Cash space, Malbek resulted.

Malbek provides an innovative, cloud-based contract lifecycle management solution focused on efficient proposal and contract management best practices. By streamlining the process from initial proposal to contract request to review and approval to signature and post-contract effectiveness, Malbek PLAYBOOKTM helps sales and finance teams optimize offer and quote management to increase profitability. It provides clear visibility into quoted terms and seamlessly creates a draft contract upon quote approval. Then Malbek’s CLM solution, Malbek CONTRAXTM simplifies contract creation, negotiation, approvals, execution, search, renewals, and tracking of obligations. This reduces risk and increases compliance. With a guided contracting user experience, the contract request, as well as the review and approval process, is simplified with a slick, walk-up user interface, resulting in increased user adoption. Its search and reporting features are as simple as using those of Google or Amazon.

Malbek AI offers advanced search indexing with the ability to seamlessly classify, categorize, and report key contracting terms.
Matt Patel, COO and Co-Founder

Intelligent search facets can track contract metadata and content while helping to measure and significantly improve contracting performance outcomes by providing legal teams with a summary of unfavorable terms. “We wanted to make a solution that assists sales teams in closing deals faster, provides visibility into critical financial obligations for finance teams, and helps legal teams with heavy contract workloads,” explains Hemanth.

Our contracting solution is about configurability and ‘do-it-yourself’ functionality. It’s the new age CLM solution

Malbek offers a white-glove service and support model with overall customer satisfaction as a primary focus. As soon as a customer signs up with Malbek, they immediately get an application environment to begin configuration and use of the solution. The project kicks off with Malbek’s experienced services and support team bringing best practices and guidance to each implementation. “Our applications are all about configurability and user experience without any expensive customizations. We help business users and admins implement the solution while providing online and in-person training. Business admins can manage the application configurations without relying on vendor or technical resources, thereby reducing the total cost of ownership,” says COO, Matt Patel.

For the future, the company aims to further disrupt the contract management landscape with its experienced core team and tight collaboration with customers. Malbek’s Board of Advisors is comprised of industry veterans with a wealth of experience in contract management across various industries. Malbek’s inspiring work culture promotes creativity, innovation, and out-of-the-box thinking, driving exceptional customer experiences for successful business outcomes.


NJ, CA, India

Hemanth Puttaswamy, CEO and Co-Founder and Matt Patel, COO and Co-Founder

Malbek is transforming the revenue-critical space of enterprise quotes & contracts with a comprehensive CLM solution in the cloud, offering a user experience as simple as using an ATM, accelerating contract effectiveness and profitability through powerful insights that helps you Speed the Green™!