Apttus: Adding Control To Contract Management Process

Contracts are business’s most important documents—defining over 80 percent of all revenue worldwide. When it comes to creating, negotiating, or maintaining contracts over time, it is important to get the details accurate. However, for various enterprises, the due diligence needed to “get the details right” often comes at the expense of sales, which needs to move fast to stay ahead of the competition. To resolve this, organizations are looking at legal to bring visibility and control into the Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) process without standing in the way of revenue.

San Mateo, CA headquartered Apttus’ CLM empowers sales to drive deals to completion quickly, while giving legal the control and visibility needed to mitigate risk. The company’s CLM integrates itself with sales, customers, and product information, centralized clause libraries, and legal playbooks inside Salesforce, to develop contracts in minutes. With a secure cloud repository, automated workflows and approvals, and sophisticated alerts and notification, sales can stay one step ahead of renewals, and legal can stay one step ahead of audits with the help of effective contract management software.

Apttus, built 100 percent on the Salesforce platform, offers key advantages of Salesforce’s mobility, scalability, and security. “Salesforce has been our partner and biggest supporter. All our solutions are built entirely on Salesforce,” says Kirk Krappe, CEO and Chairman, Apttus. By leveraging the Salesforce platform, Apttus customers are able to take advantage of the most scalable cloud platform available. “Being built in Salesforce allows us to leverage the most advanced cloud security for our customer’s data and processes, configurations, pricing policies, proposals, and contracts—all centrally managed in Salesforce,” notes Krappe.

Apttus provides comprehensive Quote-to-Cash (QTC) solution built on the Salesforce1 platform that provides an integrated view of all customers, quotes and contracts—helping them drive revenue growth, reduce errors and delays, and improve customer loyalty. The CPQ software is a major component of the Apttus QTC solution that increase deal size and shorten sales cycles whilst ensuring compliance with regulations. CPQ helps companies sell bigger, sell faster, more accurately.Unlike other software that requires extensive coding and integrations, Apttus provides point-and-click administration that is easy to use with uncompromised security.
Kirk Krappe, CEO and Chairman
Innovation is an integral part of the foundation at Apttus: “QTC has endless potential and we’re innovating new solutions to capture that market,” asserts Krappe.

Apttus is also one of the first Salesforce business development partners to work with Salesforce Wave and Wearables. For instance, GlobalFoundries, a full scale semiconductor foundry with manufacturing operations all over the world, implemented Apttus in order to reduce product configuration time. After doing so, they immediately saw noticeable results—20 percent gain in operational efficiency and time to generate a quote reduced from weeks to minutes. There was an increased engagement with customers as well as reduction in costly mechanical error. “Our competitors may specialize in one section; we offer the entire Quote-to- Cash footprint,” says Krappe.

Being built in Salesforce allows us to leverage the most advanced cloud security for our customer’s data and processes, configurations, pricing policies, proposals, and contracts

By the close of 2015, Apttus is projected to hit well over 1,200 employees. “We’re going through hyper-growth, and hiring is our top priority as we want to internally scale.” elucidates Krappe. Apttus had their Series C Round of funding last month, raking in $108 million from key investors like ICONIQ, Salesforce Ventures, and KIA. “We’re on our way towards hitting Initial Public Offering (IPO),” concludes Krappe. Apttus is scaling new heights in the Salesforce domain knowledge.


San Mateo, CA

Kirk Krappe, CEO and Chairman

Delivering category-defining Quote-to-Cash software built on the Salesforce App Cloud.